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The real estate industry is designed to serve two groups of people:

  1. Home sellers, who want to sell their homes for the highest price possible
  2. Seller agents, who are rewarded via a percentage-based commission to sell homes at the highest price possible

Where does this system leave home buyers? Out in the cold.

So in 2005 Terry Sanford and Marla Mullen founded Territory, a real estate firm that only represents home buyers. Our mission: to give home buyers an edge on every real estate transaction.

Cash back to home buyers.

Percentage-based commissions benefit home sellers and seller agents, not home buyers. That's why we developed a flat-fee system. It's simple: We charge a flat fee of just $7,500 per deal (equal to the typical commission on a $300,000 sale), regardless of purchase price. When a buyer closes on a home, we deduct the flat fee from the seller-paid commission and give the balance to the buyer!

Get the full story on our buyer rebates.

Technology and service.

Territory offers home buyers the perfect blend of technology and service. Our website displays all the data available to real estate brokers in the MLS, giving home buyers the information they need to make better decisions. We even include tools for identifying homes that are over- or under-priced.

Plus, our Territory Guides provide excellent service, including expertise in data analysis and negotiating. And because they work on a flat-fee basis (rather than for a percentage-based commission), they have no incentive to drive up the purchase price. Their only concern is giving home buyers the best, most objective advice.

Territory vs. the competition.

Since its founding, Territory has sold approximately $150 million worth of real estate. On average, our clients enjoy total savings of $32,913 — 6% off list prices. Over the same period, our competition has produced an average savings of just $13,566, or 4.2% off list prices.

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If you want to learn more about Territory or our flat fee commission structure, contact us today and speak with one of our local Territory Guides.

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